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About Us

As three sisters growing up in Bogota, Colombian, we looked up to our grandmother who worked with leather and suede, and all sorts of lovely Colombian materials to create beautiful pieces her clients loved.

After our grandmother passed away we would often visit Colombia and come back to Australia inspired by the beautiful and soulful creations that one can find by just wandering the countless streets or “barrios y pueblitos” dedicated to handmade fashion and crafts. One day, after one of our trips back home, we decided to take a leap of faith, follow in our grandmother’s footsteps and launch LasMalo fashion label.

Our mission is to create beautifully made pieces that embrace the Colombian culture and its handcrafting artistry. This approach to fashion defies the highly commercialised norms of the industry, which operates based on large volumes and standardised production lines as opposed to guarding the creation of pieces with soul.

Each piece goes through the hands of the three Las Malo sisters, with all materials carefully chosen from the ‘Curtidor’ or leather merchant, then taken to the ‘Costurero’ otherwise known as the tailor, to be hand sewn based on the measurements of the client. In addition to this, little details such as the lining, labelling and zipper are sourced from family businesses that have been working in the trade for many years.

As our business flourishes, we will ensure that those joining our journey are artisans that share the same passion. Giving the work opportunity to households and families that for generations have worked in the trade and truly understand making pieces by hand is our goal. No matter our size, we will always be grounded and create pieces that have soul. We will never compromise our vision in order to increase quantity or gain higher returns.